About us

For more than 100 years, the name Bockwoldt has stood for quality and service in the special area of ​​the geared motor. Founded in 1914 by the engineer Carl Bockwoldt in Hamburg, the successful family business is now represented all over the world.

State-of-the-art manufacturing methods, e.g. CNC-controlled machines or a computer-controlled production stand ensure high-quality and, at the same time, low-cost geared motors. Individual customer wishes can be recorded and fulfilled promptly thanks to the 3-D CAD system.

That quality is not just an empty word with us, also shows our gem. DIN / EN / ISO certified quality assurance department. Already when all the parts are received, they are checked to ensure that only the best material is used for production. The ongoing production process is also constantly monitored. Before final delivery, each completed geared motor is tested for the electrical values, the output speed, the acoustic behavior and other characteristics, and all relevant data are recorded according to the control plan. A modern test field, specially developed by engineers from the home, guarantees that only faultless machines leave the factory.

Continuous development – documented and underpinned by e.g. Patent applications in the area of ​​gearbox construction or the electronic control of asynchronous motors ensure that the customer is provided with state-of-the-art transmission technology. As a member of the Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik, we are closely connected to research and science, so that the latest technical achievements and technologies are always incorporated into the new development and the current geared motor program.