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VOil power ahead – succession for the BOCKWOLDT geared motors factory found
Full speed ahead – Succession found for BOCKWOLDT Getriebemotorenwerk

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Flexible and demanding – like our customers




Product manufacturing in the latest production technology and fast delivery thanks to large parts storage

A task for the future

Energizing the future; with innovative gear units and geared motors

As a medium-sized highly flexible company we have decades of experience and large application know-how in the development and production of gear units and geared motors and electronic controls.

Our products offer many technical and very economic Antriebslösungenfür all areas of industrial production and all branches of the entire machine and plant construction.

In short:
Innovative gear technology for all areas of application.


BOCKWOLDT: Partner with power




Since 1914 manufacturer of innovative gear technology and member of the Research Association Drive Technology (FVA)